When shopping for zippers sold on a wholesale basis, you can expect to run into some minimums. Now you might be wondering why minimums are required for wholesale zippers.

There is one good reason for this and that is becausethese minimums are according to the least amount they can produce with their machines. Several wholesale zipper companies will enforce a quantity minimum, while others may have a yardage minimum.

Zipper Style
The style of a zipper refers to the actual usage of that zipper. For instance,you will have to use aseparating bottom zipper if you want to design and make a jacket. For denim, closed bottom zippers are your best option. If you need two zipper pulls for a long trench coat, with one on the bottom and one on top, you will be better off using atwo-way separating bottom zipper.

The following are the base zipper styles you can find today:

  • Separating Bottom
  • Closed Bottom
  • Two Way Closed Bottom
  • Two Way Separating Bottom

Zipper Type
What specific type of zipper do you need? What is going to be the final zipper application? Do you needa nylon coil, plastic molded, or metalzipper?

Each type of zipper that is made should cater to the functional needs of the piece and should be balanced with the particular aesthetic that the designer wants to achieve. After you have determined what type of zipper you will use, you can then proceed to determining and measuring the gauge size.

How to Measure the Zipper Gauge

When you are going full steam in production or finalizing your samples, you will have to reach out to buy the trim you need for the final product. As you get in touch with your zipper supplier, you need to determine the gauge you need.Suppliers always ask this question to ensure that customers get exactly what they are looking for.

Every time you work with zippers, you will often hear the numbers #3, #4, #5, and others. It is a direct reference to the gauge of the zipper. As these numbers increase, the teeth’s size alsoincreases. This is applicable to all kinds of zippers. In order to measure the zipper gauge, the zipper teeth are measured horizontally in millimeters while the zipper is closed.

A common mistake that many people make is to check the back of the slider body and assume that the number indicated on the back is the zipper gauge. Although there are instances it is marked with the gauge size, others are not correct at all. In some cases, the number indicated on the back of the slider body marks the specific mold that the slider was cast from. This is used as a quality measure if ever the slider has any issues.

There you have it. Everypart of the knowledge you should arm yourself with before you place an order for zippers sold on a wholesale basis.