Wearing uncomfortable shoes might make your day less fun. So, why do you even own a pair of uncomfortable shoes in the first place? It could be due to wrong choices.

To help you find the best fit and more comfortable kicks, all you need to do is stay vigilant while purchasing. Moreover, it is better to follow the tips suggested below:

1- If possible, go for zero drop shoes (flat)

Have you ever wondered why women get tired of wearing heels? Well, the sole reason is the “heel” on the shoe. The elevation offered by heels helps boostthe height, but it adds unnecessary pressure on the ball of your foot and even on the calf.

It means, even for men, if the heeled shoe is worn, people start experiencing pain. But, of course, the same thing happens when you wear sneakers with a bit of heel, too.

If you get uncomfortable in sneakers promptly after sporting them, it is best to ditch the heel and opt for flat shoes to make your feet remain in a natural position.

2- Free your toes

From running shoes to casual shoes, almost every footwear comes with a tapering toe box nowadays. In simple terms, the toe area of the shoes is narrower than the toes themselves.

This tapered design in the shoe forces the toes into an unnatural position, therefore causing discomfort. Using such shoes for an extended period will only lead to deformities like hammertoes and bunions.

So, it is best to check the shoe’s shape to determine if you will be comfortable in them or not.

3- Go for shoes with a soft, flexible sole

Wearing shoes with a hard, rigid sole feels more like a cast on the foot than footwear. A stiff sole not only prevents your foot from propelling itself forward naturally but also makes you uncomfortable while walking. Toe spring is a must in a shoe as compensation.

For maximum comfort, always go for flexible and lightweight shoes and mimic the feeling of being barefoot even while they are on your feet.


No matter what type of shoes you pick, there is always a way to purchase something that offers comfort to your feet.

To find a comfortable pair of Nike x Off White Dunk, you can always rely on these three tips to ensure your purchase is both comfortable and easy to sport! You can also find best-fit kicks at HYB and see how it can improve your life.