Laser treatment has gained more popularity than before because of its immensely amazing results. People from different parts of the globe opt to get beautiful skin.  They think that this treatment works like a magic wand, which can help them look gorgeous and make their skin more lustrous than ever before. It is imperative to know basic facts about Clinique Anti Aging IPL laser treatment so that you can make the right decision. Some of them are mentioned below:

No guarantee to get rid of scar

Many dermatologists claim that they can help you get rid of the scar completely. However, you should know that the scar might not disappear completely. After the surgery, laser treatment can prevent forming of raised scars. It also reduces the pain and itchiness after the surgery. With the help of this treatment, the scar will be less noticeable but it will not go away completely. You might be replacing one scar with another lighter scar.

Skills of the dermatologist

It depends on the expertise and skills of the person performing this treatment on your skin. It is strongly recommended to get in touch with a specialist with intensive experience and knowledge in this field. The most skilled one can help you get the best results after the treatment. Otherwise, the laser treatment result can be dangerous and unpleasant.

Seek consultation beforehand

It has been observed that a dermatologist may promise you falsely and assure you that you will get rid of the scars completely. However, you should walk away from such professionals.  It is important to seek consultation and he must check your medical conditions properly before making any promise. Depending on your medical history, he will give you a fair idea of getting the result. If you are taking any medications for disorders like blood sugar, you should inform him to avoid any complications.

Sun protection after the treatment

We all are aware of the fact that sunrays are harmful to the skin. If you already have tanned and sunburnt skin, your dermatologist may refuse to treat you because these rays can do more harm and the skin will not heal after the treatment. If after the treatment, you are exposed to harsh rays of the sun; it will cause another scar on the affected area resulting in more complications.

The decision to take the laser treatment should be made after properly assessing the pros and cons.