The southern Italian region known as Puglia or Apulia is an extraordinary location to plan a destination wedding. In Puglia, you will find historic villages, beautiful Masseria, and over 800kms of coastline. Also, there is no shortage of good hotels where you can accommodate your guests.

Besides, if you want some outside help to plan your wedding here, you can always contact Princess Apulia, a luxury Italian wedding planner. They have been in the market for years, and thus understand the concerns of every couple planning a destination wedding. They work closely with the vendors and keep you in the loop throughout. Also, being locals, they know every wedding venue in Puglia and thus can make some excellent recommendations.

If you are still not sure about planning your wedding in Apulia, here are the top 5 reasons that will surely convince you…

Why plan a destination wedding in Puglia?

1.     Awesome wedding venues

Irrespective of what type of wedding you want – traditional or modern, you will surely find a suitable venue if Puglia. There are several archaeological sites, castles, medieval fortresses, and mind-blowing churches where you can plan the most perfect ceremony that anyone has ever witnessed. Also, the beaches are so scenic, that they can make a perfect backdrop for any wedding ceremony.

2.     Excellent Food

Fresh and local is what you can expect in Puglia – By working with a local catering company, you can please your guests by offering them the most authentic and mouthwatering food dishes. Some of the local dishes worth adding to your menu are:

  • Orecchiette pasta accompanied with vegetable sauce
  • Altamura bread is made using sea salt
  • Creamy Burrata

Also, you can consider including fresh seafood items like sea breams, mussels, sea bass, and octopus.

Furthermore, you will be even happy to know that finding the right type of wine in Puglia is not at all difficult. It is a grape-growing area, and hence the wine is produced almost everywhere.

3.     Tremendous Weather

The weather in Puglia is warm around the year – However, July and August being the hottest (reaching highs of 30 °C) are not very ideal for planning weddings. On the other hand, May, June, and September are excellent for weddings.

4.     Very accessible

It is easy to travel to Puglia from major European cities like London, Moscow, Brussels, Munich, and Madrid using flights – Nevertheless, if your guests have time on hand, it is best to travel via train to enjoy striking Italian sceneries.

5.     Nothing but the best craftsmanship

If you are looking forward to buying your wedding dress from a local store in Puglia –  you will be happy to know that they have exceptional dress-making skills. Most of the ateliers in Puglia are known for their participation in international wedding dress exhibitions. Now, if that doesn’t say about their attention to detail and delicate craftsmanship, don’t know what does.

Well, so you see why Puglia is one of the best choices. Now, without thinking any further, contact a local wedding planner in Puglia, and start planning your big day right away.