Firms with a strict, formal dress code generally adopt one day a week for employees to wear lighter, more relaxed clothing. The casual Friday (casual Friday, in free translation) exists with this objective: to bring the personal image into the corporate environment, giving personality to the professional look.

But that doesn’t mean investing in flashy clothes, too short or with bold necklines. Even on Friday, the company’s dress code must be respected. The first step is to understand the company’s level of formality and be prepared for any meetings with clients and unexpected meetings.

Casual Friday doesn’t go with party clothes: if this is the program to follow, it’s better to change. Transparencies, short skirts, exaggerated necklines, clothes that are too tight or need to be adjusted at all times should always be avoided.

The tip is always to keep a high heel and a blazer in the office. Jokers, these pieces make even the combination of jeans and T-shirt more polished. When in doubt, check out some styling tricks to choose an outfit that doesn’t look daring or extravagant:

  1. Jeans In The Correct Size

On the one hand, jeans make the look more relaxed, on the other hand, they can make the office look like a weekend. Therefore, it is necessary not to choose pants with signs of wear, such as torn or frayed jeans. In this case, prefer items with careful washing and straight shaping. Denim shirts are welcome, especially in knee-length compositions. Chemise-style dresses and fabric jackets can also be used if the combinations evade a sexy and very daring style.

  1. Sport Footprint

In the wave of athleisure, gym clothes transcend gyms. But they don’t match the office at all. Even casual Friday, leggings, sports jackets, cycling shorts, or clothes that leave the stomach out are not in keeping with the corporate environment. But some clothes can be adapted: this is the case with the sweatshirt and the track pants.

  1. T-shirts

T-shirts have taken over the streets but should be used sparingly in the corporate environment. If the company allows fewer formal looks, the t-shirts are welcome, as long as the phrases or prints are not flashy. When in doubt, prefer basic models that can be complemented with a blazer or jacket made of structured fabric and accessories such as a scarf and a necklace. And beware of shirts with phrases or words in English: they can have double meanings and convey an image that is not the one you want.