Though due to the inactive economy, consumers have been tightening their budgets, there is no dearth of the popularity of room salons. These salons are growing popular with each passing day, and countless men have been splurging on drinking, chatting, and singing with young women. The number of room salons that encourage hiring hostesses has been increasing in massive numbers. It clearly shows that these salons are getting more and more customers even in the period of an economic downturn. 

The flourishing industry

room salon (룸싸롱 ) is informally acknowledged as one of the several industries that remain affected by economic fluctuations. A few of these salons have been bustling with limitless customers. Commonly, they are seen flocking on Fridays before the start of the weekend. According to some residents, many non-resident women work in these room salons. Based on research that the Korean Ministry of Gender Equality & Family conducted, it was discovered that an average of forty-nine Korean men out of one hundred are assumed to have used some kind of sexual service through Korea views prostitution to be illegal. 

Going by the facts

Again, according to research that the Korean Women’s Development Institute conducted, it was revealed that prostitution amounts to nearly 1.6% of the GDP of Korea or thirteen billion United States dollars. If this figure is being compared to America, which is presently assessed to be fourteen billion dollars or lesser than 0.1% of its GDP, it shows that an average Korean man devotes sixteen times more to sexual services compared to their American counterparts.

The concept of tenpro

Tenpro has begun to make sense as it has turned into a by-product of a materialistic and hyper-exhibitionistic society. For a tenpro, the job in a room salon does turn out to be an easier one as here; she can make instant and easy money. The best thing is she can get some other corollary benefits, too, like trips abroad, luxury products, and costly cars. Hence, tenpros can be regarded as a high-class elite. If you view things from the consumers’ perspective, you will find tenpros to be women who have both power and money. 

The survival
A room salon (룸싸롱 ) has been surviving as it proposes to every person something more than sex alone. And this is the reason these salons are hugely popular. The girls who work in these salons seem to be desensitized to men’s kissing and touching. They show their opinions with their facial expressions. Women find the idea of sitting in a room among five grown men who are there just to fondle them thrilling. These girls remain dressed in decadent attire and wear expensive watches and fancy jewelry pieces. What looks surprising is the girls in the room salons continue to chatter away nonchalantly as if they aren’t feeling anything that men are doing to their bodies. Hence, room salons are lots of fun, but you need to visit one only when you are in good company.