If there is one city in Mexico that offers a variety of venues to plan a beach wedding, it’s Cancun. The city is known for its white-sand beaches, high-class resorts, and nightlife. If it is a beach wedding venue you are looking for, here we have a list of the top 5 venues. Check them out, and decide where you would like to say ‘I Do’…

Top 5 unique Cancun wedding venues

Before we start, understand that there are plenty of other beautiful wedding venues in addition to the ones listed here. To explore more options, it is best if you get in touch with Riviera Cancun Weddings by Acamaya Weddings. They are a well-known wedding planner in Cancun with over 10 years of experience in the field. Also, they have a spectacular wedding location in Puerto Morelos, which is between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. However, they can surely help in planning Cancun weddings in any one of the Cancun wedding venues.

Well, let’s start discussing the list now…

1. Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is like a beautiful and peaceful paradise located on the easternmost point of Mexico. This is the first land to be blessed with sunshine every morning. Most couples who chose to get married here, usually hold their ceremony and exchange vows at sunrise. The blue waters surrounding the island will simply take your breath away.

2. Scuba Diving in Cancun

If you find the idea of a beach wedding unique, surely you will love the idea of actually saying ‘I Do’ underwater. Well, this unique wedding venue is ideal for adventurous couples that have friends and family of the same temperament. A Cancun underwater wedding is wet, wild, and simply wonderful.

3. Finest Playa Mujeres

If it is a resort that you seek to plan your Cancun wedding, look no further than the Finest Playa Mujeres. It is located far away from the main hotel zone of the city. It is romantic, luxurious, and comfortable. Every couple that has been married here, and their guests simply can’t stop praising everything about the resort. In simple words, if it is a Cancun resort wedding, it has to be the Finest Playa Mujeres.

4. La Habichuela Cancun

There are not enough words to describe La Habichuela Cancun. Even though it is a small restaurant, it is one of the most perfect venues to plan an intimate garden wedding. It is like this perfect little hideaway with twinkly lights and colorful plants surrounding you. Also, the food is just extraordinary, and your guests will surely love the Mexican and Yucatecan cuisine.

5. Captain Hook Cancun

Yes, as much as this idea sounds crazy and weird, have faith it is just amazing. Imagine, you will board this amazing ship, the bar will be open, there will be welcome songs and speeches, dinner, dancing, fireworks, and a perfect battle at sea.

Well, surely this isn’t what a typical wedding should sound like, but isn’t that the whole idea? Your guests will surely love you for your sense of humor as well as for serving them the best steak and lobster dinner in the city.

Well, there you go. Now, to know how exactly a wedding can be planned in these venues, or any Cancun venue for that matter, contact Riviera Cancun Weddings. You can always check out the pictures of the weddings that they have organized in the past on their Instagram page.