Majority of hard paddle board brands construct these boards in a similar manner. They usually start with a foam core and the outside is built using epoxy, fiberglass, and a form of laminate like bamboo. Performance SUP surfboards are race boards that are usually layered with carbon fiber, a lightweight material. This stitched material is finished using a light coat of paint and epoxy to guarantee rigidity and color or design. Here are reasons to buy hard paddle boards for sale.

Slightly Better Performance

Even though inflatable boards are improving every year, hardboards still provide slightly better performance in the right environment. The turning and speed are enhanced on hard paddle boards owing to their heavier construction materials. This will translate to thinner rails and longer lengths. Conversely, a hard stand up paddleboard can be designed with a more rounded nose, increased volume, and a wider base that will paddle slower when compared to an inflatable board from

SUP Racing and Surfing

Inflatable boards that are designed for surfing will handle small waves with ease. However, when it comes to waves of 5’+, hardboards are a better option. This is because of smaller rails for curving and turning and increased rigidity. The best hard paddle boards for sale will give you a longer glide resulting in a smoother experience when you paddle to catch the waves.

Get on the Water Faster

If you can transport your hardboard to a specific location, then you can avoid the task of inflating the board before heading out. Additionally, you will not have to worry about deflating or waiting for the board to dry before you pack it up and then head back home. With hardboard, you just need to show up, drop in the water and the paddle your board until you are tired. You can them load your hardboard backup and head home. Hard stand up paddleboard guarantee quicker and easier process when paddling.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should own a hardboard to enjoy all your standup board paddling activities. You will be making your paddling activities much easier. If you want higher performance in the surf or for a stand up paddling race, or want to avoid the hassle involved in inflating the iSUP board before use and deflating it after use, then hardboards made of fiberglass or carbon fiber are your best choice. Always ensure that you purchase a hardboard that suit your exact needs and think about storage and ease of travel before making your purchase. You can trust Honu paddleboards to provide the durability and reliability that you are looking for in stand up paddle boards.

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