Month: December 2022


Will Lash Lifts Damage My Lashes? 

Over the past two years, we have seen lash lifts become more popular than eyelash extensions. Customers are eager to learn about its long-term effects on their natural lashes. It is essential that lash artists understand what happens to the lashes during treatment so they…


Things to Consider When Wearing Rings 

It makes sense to question which diamond cut will complement your hand when looking for rings, especially if you intend to get a Black Diamond ring online. Every diamond is lovely, but some designs and cuts are more effective at bringing out your best features…


Different Cattle Brand Types 

Do you prefer to wear hats as an accessory? Have you ever considered what role cow brand hats serve? There are several cattle brands to select from. Cattle are classified into two types: dairy cattle and meat cattle. The major reason dairy cattle are kept…